A heartwarming journey to better hearing

Discover how Sandra Robinson’s life was transformed by her family’s heartfelt entry into our premium hearing aid package competition.

More than just a competition

At Alto Hearing & Tinnitus Specialists, we’re not just about providing state-of-the-art hearing solutions. We believe in changing lives.

To celebrate our first anniversary, we recently launched a unique competition, inviting heartwarming stories from the community, with a chance of winning a cutting-edge pair of hearing aids, a remote microphone, a TV streamer, and our premium AltoPremier care package, totalling over £4,500 in value.

Our winning entry, selected at random from the pool of entries, was from Liv Robinson, who nominated her grandmother, Sandra, for the prize.

Our competition wasn’t limited to any specific form of storytelling; we welcomed heartwarming stories from all corners. However, Liv’s poetic nomination really stood out, beautifully encapsulating the daily struggles of living with impaired hearing, and the transformative power of hearing aids.

Liv's winning poem

I take this opportunity to nominate my gran,
Always ready to help anyone if she can.
She’s the hub of the family in every way,
Sharing her time and support every day.

My lovely gran is 80 and ageing,
When hearing people chatting, she’s not quite engaging.
She says yes when it should be no and no when it should be yes,
With impaired hearing, she gets in a mess.

A hearing aid would be a blessing,
Watching TV can become quite distressing.
When on the phone, she’s not at her best,
“Can you speak louder” is her request.

She laughs at herself about all her failing,
Therefore, an Alto package would be amazing.
The joy it would bring if she knew she had won,
The smile on her face would be second to none.

How hearing aids make a difference: Sandra's experience with AltoPremier

After winning the competition, Sandra recieved a comprehensive hearing assessment and bespoke AltoPremier hearing aid package, tailored to her unique hearing requirements.

Later Sandra and her granddaughter both spoke about the transformative power of our services… Sandra explained, “When I got the phone call, I couldn’t believe that we had won. I’m still pinching myself to the reality of it all! This was something I could have only ever dreamed of and the impact it will have on my life will be remarkable. I’m so thankful to all at Alto for providing me with excellent customer service and the perfect hearing package.”

Sandra’s granddaughter, Liv, continued, “When I entered the competition for my grandma to win a pair of hearing aids, I never thought we would be so lucky and actually claim the prize”. Liv explained, “For years now I have watched her hearing deteriorate and this has meant she has sometimes had to take a back seat in conversations with family and friends. She is such a social butterfly and she loves a good laugh but with a lack of hearing, it’s hard to stay involved”.

Expert opinions: Why this matters

Hearing loss isn’t just a physical condition; it has emotional and social repercussions as well. Adam Bostock, audiologist and business owner, explained, “The poetic submission from Liv touched our hearts. It demonstrated the very essence of why we’re in this field: to transform lives. We are more than just a hearing care provider; we craft personalised solutions attuned to each individual’s needs”.

Carl Morley, senior audiologist, continued, “The emotional and life-altering impact that our hearing solutions can bring to individuals is precisely why I chose this profession. Sandra’s experience with our AltoPremier package embodies the fulfilment of that goal”.

Are you or a loved one struggling with hearing issues?

The joy and enhanced quality of life that Sandra is now experiencing demonstrates why we are passionate about what we do at Alto Hearing & Tinnitus Specialists. Stories like Sandra’s inspire us to continue providing top-notch, personalised hearing solutions.

If you or a loved one are struggling with hearing issues, don’t wait any longer. Discover the difference we can make to your life.

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