ReSound OMNIA: Best hearing aids on the market?

Learn more on the latest hearing aids from Danish manufacturer GN ReSound.

ReSound One RHI hearing aids in charger

Best Hearing Aids UK: ReSound OMNIA

Launched in the UK in late 2022, OMNIA are the latest hearing aids from Danish manufacturer GN ReSound. Our audiologists have had the opportunity to fit these advanced hearing solutions for a wide range of customers with varying lifestyles, thereby accumulating some invaluable insights on the ReSound OMNIA’s performance in real-world settings.

We’re now ready to provide our expert audiologist review of the ReSound OMNIA hearing aid. Discover what our customers have to say about the ReSound OMNIA, how these devices are shaping the future of audiology, and why they could be the right solution for your hearing needs.

ReSound OMNIA Colours & Styles

Display stand showing Resound Omnia RITE and Custom Rechargeable Hearing Aids
The popular ReSound OMNIA rechargeable, receiver in the canal (RIC), hearing aid in Sparkling Grey.

The ReSound OMNIA boasts an array of styles to suit a broad swath of users. The most sought-after model, the rechargeable receiver in the canal (RIC) hearing aid, is available in the full ReSound colour range, including Chanpagne, Bronze, and Warn Grey, and available as a standard and a recently launched mini version.

Battery-operated RICs, rechargeable ITE, Thin tube, Power Behind the Ear, and CIC options further broaden the selection available in the UK:

  • Power Behind the Ear
  • Behind the Ear
  • Receiver in the Canal (Battery Powered)
  • Receiver in the Canal (Rechargeable)
  • Mini Receiver in the Canal (Rechargeable)
  • Custom In the Ear (Rechargeable)
  • Completely in the Canal

Learn more about the different styles of hearing aids available.

ReSound OMNIA Price

ReSound OMNIA hearing aids are competitively priced, with the cost you can expect to pay dependent upon the model and technology included. The premium OMNIA 9, including the ‘Front Focus’ feature (see below), are available from us at £3,949 for a pair, within our AltoPremier hearing aid package.

The slightly less feature-dense OMNIA 7 are available at £2,949 for a pair, within our AltoClarity+ hearing aid package, whilst the entry-level OMNIA 5, which still boasts robust functionality, are available at £2,500 for a pair, within our AltoClarity hearing aid package.

For more detailed information about our hearing aid packages and the additional benefits and aftercare they offer, watch senior audiologist, Adam Bostock’s, guide to our hearing aid packages and prices.

ReSound OMNIA Accessories

Audiologist demonstrating a ReSound hearing aid remote control
The ReSound OMNIA advanced remote control.

The ReSound OMNIA hearing aid range also comes with a set of compatible accessories. Besides the basic and advanced remote controls, users find themselves gravitating towards integrating their hearing aid devices with their smartphones. With the ReSound Smart 3D app or the Apple device’s native features, users gain full control over their hearing aids.

The smart looking ReSound TV streamer accessory deserves a mention, delivering an immersive audio experience for television watchers. Additionally, the ReSound Micro Mic and Multi Mic accessories enhance hearing aid functionality by acting as direct-to-hearing-aid voice streamers, table microphones, and remote microphones.

ReSound OMNIA Customer Reviews

Man's ear showing his hearing aid from behind
The popular ReSound OMNIA rechargeable, receiver in the canal (RIC), hearing aid in Champagne.

Since its UK launch in late 2022, our audiologists have had the opportunity to recommend and fit ReSound OMNIA hearing aids for a wide range of clients, and the customer testimonials we’ve received have been nothing short of incredible.

In particular, our clients have commended the ReSound OMNIA’s effortless integration with Apple’s iOS operating system, making their hearing aids easy to manage and adjust on their iPhones. However, it’s worth noting that a few Android users have reported occasional connectivity hiccups.

For our customers, the hearing aid’s excellent wind noise reduction has been another feather in the cap for OMNIA. This feature has significantly improved our clients’ outdoor experiences, bringing a refreshing change to their audioscape.

Another standout for customers is the ‘Front Focus’ feature, exclusively available in the OMNIA 9 model. This feature has received rave reviews, especially from clients who frequently navigate noisy environments. ‘Game changing’ is a phrase we hear quite often in the audiology industry, however, for the Front Focus feature, it is definitely worthy of this description.

Further, the music enthusiasts amongst our clients have sung the praises of the enriched quality of music they receive through their ReSound OMNIA devices. Comfort has been another win for OMNIA, making the adjustment period for new users a breeze.

Audiologist Perspective

From an audiologist’s standpoint, the OMNIA devices are quite the marvel. Their easy fit and alignment with real ear measurement (REM) targets make for a smooth fitting process.

Despite some initial steep learning curve, training new users to change the (easily-blocked) filters has proven to be effective, ensuring continuous, clear sound.

Supporting customers to pair their devices with their accessories is smooth, enhancing the overall user experience. However, we did observe minor connectivity issues with custom ITE devices, all of which were resolvable.

Interestingly, some users reported their own voice sounding slightly tinny upon first fit, particularly when compared to other devices. However, this is quite normal and is likely to fade over time, leading to a more natural sound experience as the brain gets used to the amplification.

ReSound OMNIA Final Thoughts

We’re in no doubt that the ReSound OMNIA hearing aid has surpassed all previous ReSound devices in terms of technological innovation and customer satisfaction. The addition of the mini RIC model is a commendable move that has resolved many previous concerns related to the size of the original rechargeable RIC.

OMNIA’s sophisticated background noise reduction technology, especially when combined with the multi-mic accessory, has revolutionised the listening experience for individuals navigating complex auditory environments.

In our experience, the ReSound OMNIA hearing aids have not only significantly improved our patients’ hearing experience but also enhanced their overall quality of life. We’re excited about the possibilities that future iterations of ReSound products will bring, and we remain committed to delivering top quality audiology services.

Article by Adam Bostock

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