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Learn about the essential hearing aid accessories for a complete auditory experience.

Phonak Roger On in stand

Our guide to the best hearing aid accessories

Investing in hearing aids is a significant commitment, both financially and emotionally. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that you’re optimising their performance to fit your lifestyle. Hearing aid accessories can often be the bridge between a satisfactory hearing aid experience and an outstanding one.

Hearing aid accessories are the essential accoutrements designed to optimise your auditory experience. From boosting clarity in noisy settings, to effortless streaming of your favourite music, these accessories can enhance your hearing aids’ capabilities.

Plus, accessories are often compatible with multiple generations of hearing aids. So, if you decide to upgrade your hearing aids in the future to a newer model, provided it’s the same manufacturer, the accessories are likely to still work.

Choosing the right accessories is not just about enhancing your current hearing situation but also about safeguarding your investment for the long term. So, let’s delve into the word of hearing aid accessories…

Types of hearing aid accessories

Before we take a look at our specific product recommendations, let’s take a moment to outline the main types of hearing aid accessories available, and the benefits they can provide.

Remote microphones

A remote microphone is designed to pick up sound from a distance. It is particularly useful in situations where the speaker is far away from the listener, or in noisy environments. The microphone is placed near the speaker, and the sound is transmitted wirelessly to the listener’s hearing aids.

Remote microphones are often used in educational settings, conference meetings, or any scenario where maintaining a clear audio connection over a distance is necessary.

Table microphones

Ideal for smaller meetings or family gatherings, table microphones are designed to pick up sound from multiple directions and are often placed in the centre of a table to capture speech from several people seated around it. The audio is then sent directly to the user’s hearing aids.

These accessories usually feature omnidirectional or multiple directional microphones to capture sound evenly from all directions. Thus, table microphones, have the potential to transform gatherings into enjoyable, inclusive events, allowing you to participate fully without constantly adjusting your hearing aids.

Directional microphones

Directional microphones are designed to pick up sound from a specific direction, while suppressing sounds from other directions. They are particularly beneficial in noisy environments where it’s essential to focus on sound coming from a particular direction, such as the conversational partner at your table in a noisy restaurant.

You will find that most the latest hearing aids have integrated directional microphones, which automatically adjust their pick-up pattern based on the sound environment, thereby effectively filtering out the background ambient noise.

TV streamers

TV streamers connect via a line into your television, normally an optical output, and stream audio directly to your hearing aids. Sometimes this is via Bluetooth, but often it is via other technologies, such as 2.4GHz Wireless broadcasting.

TV streamers therefore provide a more personalised listening experience, without disturbing other people in the room. This means that your family can enjoy the TV at a volume that is comfortable for them, whilst you can adjust the sound you receive to suit your hearing needs.

Remote controls

Resound hearing aid remote control
ReSound hearing aid remote control.

Remote controls offer a convenient way to adjust various hearing aid settings, without the need to touch your hearing aids. This can be especially helpful in situations where discreet adjustments are desirable.

All-in-one accessories

Many modern hearing aid accessories are all-in-one or multifunction accessories, combining multiple different features that would otherwise be found in individual accessories. An example of this is the Phonak Roger On In (more on this below) – this accessory serves as a remote microphone, a table microphone, and a TV streamer, all-in-one!

Our top 3 hearing aid accessory picks

Here are our top accessory recommendations for optimising hearing aid performance and creating your own personal hearing ecosystem.

1. ReSound Multi Mic

Described as the flexible partner mic, the ReSound Multi Mic is an all-in-one solution tailored for ReSound hearing aids users. Retailing in the region of £400 in the UK, it serves both as a personal microphone and as an omnidirectional table microphone for more challenging listening environments.

With its 2.4GHz wireless technology, this accessory allows for seamless audio streaming directly to your hearing aids, and is a great choice for anyone who spends a lot of time in noisy environments, or who has a high QuickSIN score, demonstrating that their brain finds it very difficult to process speech in noisy situations.

The ReSound Multi Mic has been around for some time now, yet it still stands up against the competition for quality, flexibility, and price.

2. Widex Sound Assist

Launched in 2023, the Widex Sound Assist retails at around £500 in the UK. Sound Assist offers an unparalleled auditory experience, but only for users of their Widex Moment and Moment Sheer hearing aids.

Described by Widex as your all-in-one hearing companion, it boasts an array of features, such as partner and table microphone modes, hands-free phone calls, and Bluetooth streaming, as well as functioning as remote control for hearing aid adjustments.

3. Phonak Roger On V2

Phonak Roger On in stand
The Phonak Roger On IN.

Described as next-generation assistive listening, the Phonak Roger On V2 combines TV and audio streaming with advanced assistive listening technology, offering a versatile solution for various challenging auditory settings.

The version 2 retains all off the advanced speech in noise technology of the
original Roger On, but with the added bonus of it working as a microphone for when you are on computer video calls.

This advanced assistive listening technology comes at a price. In the UK, you can expect to pay between £1,000 and £1,500 for the Phonak Roger On V2, depending on whether you need a receiver. However, it remains a top accessory choice for anyone who often finds themselves in complex, noisy situations, especially if your QuickSIN score indicates very poor understanding in noise.

Your personal hearing ecosystem

With an extensive range of accessories available, it’s important to get expert advice from an audiologist to create a cohesive hearing ecosystem suited to your needs.

At Alto Hearing & Tinnitus Specialists, we follow a holistic approach to hearing care, and can tailor a solution to meet your complex auditory needs, including recommending the best hearing aid accessories for you.

Article by Adam Bostock

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