Are hearing aids the full solution?

Why hearing aids on their own, may not be enough.

Man's ear showing his hearing aid from behind

In the realm of hearing health, hearing aids are often the first and sometimes the only solution that springs to mind. However, to truly address hearing loss, we must broaden our perspective. A comprehensive hearing solution is not just a device; it’s a holistic approach that includes accessories, connectivity, counselling, ongoing support, and auditory training. This blog post will delve into the importance of considering these aspects and encourage you to seek out full hearing solutions, rather than focusing solely on hearing aids.

The Full Spectrum of Hearing Solutions

While hearing aids are undeniably crucial, they are just one part of a larger puzzle. To achieve optimal hearing health, it’s vital to consider the following components:

Accessories and Connectivity

Audiologist demonstrating a hearing aid app to a couple outside

The accessories that accompany modern hearing aids can significantly enhance your listening experience. Remote microphones can provide better speech clarity in noisy environments, TV streamers deliver high-quality audio directly from your television to your hearing aids, and remote controls offer convenient device management.

Moreover, today’s advanced hearing aids can seamlessly connect with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, further enhancing usability and accessibility. With these technologies, you can easily control settings, stream calls, music, and more, straight to your hearing aids.

Counselling and Support

Audiologist demonstrating a hearing aid to a male customer

Addressing hearing loss isn’t a one-time event but a continuous journey. Counselling and ongoing support are essential parts of this journey. Counselling can help you understand your hearing loss, manage your expectations, and adapt to using hearing aids. Regular support ensures that your devices are functioning optimally and that any necessary adjustments are made over time.

Auditory Training

Auditory training is another critical component of a comprehensive hearing solution, especially for new hearing aid users. It helps you relearn how to listen and understand speech, particularly in challenging listening environments.

At Alto Hearing & Tinnitus Specialists, we utilise LACE (Listening & Communication Enhancement) auditory training. Developed by world-renowned audiologists, LACE helps those with hearing loss improve their key listening and comprehension skills, aiding them in regaining their full participation in life.

Visit to learn more about LACE auditory training.

Customising Hearing Aids: The Importance of Real Ear Measurements and Individual Settings

While a hearing aid can be life-changing, its effectiveness greatly depends on how well it’s tailored to the user’s individual hearing needs. Many hearing aids are initially programmed to fit an ‘average’ ear, but this ‘one size fits all’ approach can leave users with a suboptimal hearing experience.

Real Ear Measurements (REMs)

Man having real ear measurements completed with audiologist

To ensure a hearing aid provides the necessary amplification for each user, it’s important to perform Real Ear Measurements (REMs). REMs are the gold standard in hearing aid fitting, measuring how sounds are delivered in your unique ear canal. This process ensures your hearing aid is calibrated specifically to your hearing loss and ear shape, providing a more accurate and beneficial hearing experience.

Individual Programs and Settings

Aside from the core programming, hearing aids can be further personalised with individual programs and settings designed for various environments. Some users may benefit from a music program, which optimises the hearing aid’s response to musical inputs. Others may need a program that enhances the directionality of the microphones, improving speech clarity in noisy settings. These personalised settings can significantly enhance your hearing aid experience and are a crucial aspect of a comprehensive hearing solution.


When seeking solutions for hearing loss, it’s essential to look beyond the price tags of online hearing aids and consider the broader picture. Independent providers, like Alto Hearing & Tinnitus Specialists, offer comprehensive care, taking the time to understand your complex needs and provide a solution that encompasses all aspects of your hearing health. By exploring these more comprehensive solutions, you can be confident in achieving the best possible outcome.

Article by Adam Bostock

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