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Read our audiologist review of ReSound’s latest hearing aid offering, the ReSound Nexia.

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ReSound Nexia: Hearing aid review

In a world where technology constantly changes, hearing aids are no exception. ReSound, a known name in hearing technology, has a new offering – the ReSound Nexia. Claimed to be compact yet powerful, it’s set to launch in the UK in March 2024.

In this hearing aid review, we delve into what ReSound Nexia brings to the table, and why we at Alto Hearing & Tinnitus Specialists are keeping a close eye on it.

ReSound Nexia battery life

ReSound states that the Nexia offers an unrivalled, solid 30-hour battery life on just a 3-hour charge. This is notable, given the small size of the unit and will resonate with a commonly held concern among hearing aid users regarding battery longevity.

If ReSound’s claims hold true, this could be a substantial alleviation for users, reducing the frequency of recharging and potentially enhancing the user experience significantly.

Nexia styles & colours

The Nexia yields ReSound’s smallest ever rechargeable, receiver in the ear (RIE, also known as receiver in the canal, or RIC) hearing aid. This is a design evolution from their larger Omnia RIC and MiniRIC units, providing a more streamlined rechargeable microRIE.

ReSound’s progressive design evolution underscores their commitment to aesthetic and functional refinement. However, it remains to be seen how this miniaturisation impacts on overall functionality and user-friendliness, especially for individuals who may find smaller devices challenging to handle.

However, the Nexia microRIE’s standout double-tap feature for answering phone calls, points to a user-centric approach, making Nexia microRIE not just a hearing aid, but a tool for modern communication.

We’ve seen this feature before, with other manufacturers such as Phonak and Unitron, and it’s these small yet impactful features that we find can often greatly enhance the user experience.

ReSound’s Nexia rechargeable microRIE hearing aid in (from left to right) Sparkling Silver, Champagne, Gold, Bronze, Warm Grey, Graphite, Espresso, and Deep Black.

Other Nexia models mentioned by ReSound include two non-rechargeable RIE models, one with and one without telecoil. This offers a range of options to cater to different user preferences and needs. We expect in-the-ear (ITE) models to follow at some stage.

The Nexia also has bags of aesthetic appeal, as well as their compact style, all models are available in eight modern colours.

ReSound Nexia connectivity

ReSound claim that the Nexia, along with it’s new TV Streamer+, embraces modern connectivity with its Bluetooth LE audio streaming and Auracast™ broadcast audio compatibility.

Auracast™ broadcast audio is a new standard of Bluetooth technology that allows multiple people to choose, and tune into, specific audio broadcasts, such as music, TV channels, or announcements, at home or in venues or public spaces, such are airport lounges.

This new inclusion is intriguing, yet, the Auracast™ feature raises some eyebrows. While it’s a forward-thinking addition, Auracast™ is yet to gain ground in the UK, with the current Auracast™ infrastructure unable to support this feature to its full potential.

It’s a classic case of technology possibly being ahead of its time, at least in the current UK market. Although it might propel a push towards more modernised auditory environments in public spaces in the long run, the immediate utility, unfortunately, appears limited.

Learn more about Auracast™ broadcast audio and its potential to enhance assistive listening experiences for hearing aid users.

Enhanced hearing in noise

ReSound claims the Nexia offers a 150% improvement in speech understanding in noisy environments. This is a bold statement and could be a game-changer if substantiated in real-world usage.

This is due to a mix of narrow beamforming directionality and omni-directional listening, aiming to ensure users don’t miss important conversations.

Excellent speech in noise performance is something we we are used to with ReSound, with their ReSound One and Omnia platforms. Any further progression on this will be a very welcome addition.

CROS system

At last, we see the introduction of contralateral routing of signals, or CROS/BICROS system compatibility with ReSound’s Nexia. This is a significant leap forward in ReSound’s offerings, filling a long existing gap in their lineup, and extending a hand to individuals who experience single-sided deafness or asymmetrical hearing loss.

The CROS system captures sounds from the unaidable ear and transmits them to the hearing aid in the better ear, facilitating a more balanced auditory experience.

We’re delighted with ReSound’s inclusion of this new feature, given our ethos is to always champion a holistic approach in delivering personalised auditory solutions. In the past we have, sadly, had to look at other manufacturers when recommending solutions to individuals who would benefit from CROS or BICROS technology.

The Nexia, with its CROS system compatibility, underscores ReSound’s commitment to cater to a wider spectrum of hearing needs, and we are keen to explore how this integration will resonate with the needs of our clientele.

Our conclusions on the ReSound Nexia

The ReSound Nexia brings a blend of promising features to the table. The critical aspect, as with any new hearing aid product, would be seeing how these claimed attributes translate into real-world benefits, post its UK launch.

Some new features, like Auracast™, seem a bit premature for the current UK market, while others, like the extended battery life and enhanced speech understanding in noisy environments, could be immediately beneficial. Plus, the variety of models is commendable, catering to a broader user base.

As we inch closer to the launch, the proof, as they say, will be in the pudding!

Article by Adam Bostock

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