Ear wax removal

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Audiologist performing microsuction ear wax removal

Professional ear wax removal, with clinics in Lutterworth & Kenilworth.

Alto ear wax removal

At Alto we offer safe and effective ear wax removal, completed by fully qualified hearing care professionals at our clinics in Lutterworth and Kenilworth.

Our accredited audiologists and ear hygienists use the latest microsuction system to comfortably remove wax from your ears. Depending on how your ear wax presents, they may also use ear irrigation (sometimes known as ear syringing or ear cleaning) or manual instruments, where it is safe and appropriate to do so.

While we’re at it, our experts will also provide you with a complimentary hearing and ear health check and, should any hearing loss be identified, offer a full diagnostic hearing test referral. Where necessary, we are also able to have our findings remotely reviewed by ENT specialists, so you can be sure your ears are in the safest hands possible.

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Ear wax removal prices:

£45 one ear / £70 both ears

You can be seen quickly for ear wax removal, with same or next day and weekend appointments usually available.

To help soften any impacted ear wax, we advise that you use sodium bicarbonate ear drops for two to three days prior to your appointment. Where it’s not possible to remove all the excess wax from your ears during your initial visit, follow-up appointments are free!

Contact our hearing care teams in Lutterworth or Kenilworth, or book online today.

Please note that where we don’t find any wax to remove, you will be charged a £35 ear health consultation fee.

Professional ear wax removal

Watch senior audiologist, Adam Bostock, explain the importance of professional, private ear wax removal, and the numerous benefits it offers.

Your ear wax removal appointment

Ear wax removal appointments usually take 45 minutes to complete and include the following safe and effective ear wax removal methods.

Hearing health check

We always provide a free hearing health check with every ear wax removal appointment, so you can be sure your ears are in the safest hands possible.

This includes a short consultation and a full examination of your ears using video otoscopy. Following wax removal, we will also complete a 4-point audiogram to check your hearing.

Audiologist completing otoscopy on a man

Ear microsuction

Microsuction is our most frequently used method of ear wax removal, as it is a safe, comfortable, and effective way or removing wax from the ear canal.

We use the latest endoscopic microsuction, which allows us to view and video a magnified image of the inside of your ear canal, whilst safely removing excess ear wax with a very gentle suction tube or vacuum. Excess ear wax is either sucked into the vacuum or it latches on to the vacuum and we are able to move it out of the ear.

Audiologist performing microsuction ear wax removal on a female customer

Ear irrigation

Ear irrigation (sometimes known as ear syringing or ear cleaning) is an effective method for removing ear wax that is very soft, and involves warm water or saline solution.

When using irrigation, a low pressure jet of water is pumped into the ear to dislodge impacted ear wax. A basin is placed under the ear to catch the water and wax that has been removed. In effect, it is gently flushing out the ear canal.

Audiologist completing ear wax removal on a male customer

Ear wax removal at Alto

If you’re new to our ear wax removal services, find the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about ear wax removal.

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Ear wax removal FAQs

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If you have any other questions, please get in touch with our ear specialists.

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