Hearing aid accessory review: Phonak Roger On

Find out about the latest in hearing aid accessories, the Phonak Roger On.

Phonak Roger On in Charger

Hearing aid accessory review: Phonak Roger On / Roger On IN

In this article and video, Adam Bostock, senior audiologist at Alto Hearing & Tinnitus Specialists, provides his expert review of the Phonak Roger On / Roger On IN, the latest in hearing aid accessories, and explains who it’s for, its range of features, and how it works.

What is the Phonak Roger On / Roger On IN?

The Phonak Roger On is a hearing aid microphone accessory that combines TV and audio streaming with next generation assistive listening technology, to help people hear conversation in a range of extremely noisy and complex environments, and over distance.

The Roger On boasts a number of microphone functions or modes. In Presenter mode, the Roger On acts as a remote microphone, which clips onto a speaker at distance and transmits their voice to your hearing aids; in Table mode, it acts as a table microphone, which can be put in the centre of the table to pick up voices from around that table; and in Pointing mode, it acts as a directional microphone, to pick up an individual speaker in noise.

The Roger On IN is the same as the Roger On, but comes with receivers installed, ready to put into your RogerDirectTM compatible hearing aids.

What's Phonak Roger On sound quality like?

The Roger On sound quality is excellent. The sound is Dolby audio and in stereo, and, like a hearing device, the Roger On reduces background noise and picks out the dominant speech signal.

The Pointing mode is particularly impressive and better than any accessory I’ve experienced at accurately picking out speech in noise.

What is the range of Phonak Roger On?

When used as a remote microphone, and placed near a distant speaker, the Roger On has an incredible range of up to 80 feet, or just under 25 meters, line of sight (i.e., without obstruction).

Is the Phonak Roger On easy to use?

The Roger On is extremely intuitive and easy to use. A built-in accelerometer allows you to set it to switch automatically between features, or modes, by recognising the environment in which you are using it. You also have the option to lock it into a particular mode, using the large button on the front of the device.

For those who like to configure their tech, the Roger On can be paired to the Phonak App to allow for a range of additional settings, such as the direction you want the sound to come from.

What is the cost of Phonak Roger On?

Price will vary depending on where you purchase your Roger On device, but, generally, you will find that it costs at least four or five times that of the nearest comparable remote microphone technology from other manufacturers.

This is because the Roger On is effectively priced like a digital hearing aid, rather than an accessory, owing to the advanced technology which allows for the background noise reduction. For many people, the overall performance of this technology, and the extra benefit it provides them, would make the investment worthwhile.

Is the Phonak Roger On for you?

If you are someone who struggles to hear in noisy situations and are in those types of environments a lot, then the Roger On is definitely the device for you, especially if your speech in noise testing shows that your brain finds it difficult to pick out speech in background noise.

I would particularly recommend the Roger On for anyone who has an extremely high QuickSIN score, which indicates very poor understanding in noise. In my opinion, the benefits the Roger On could provide in such cases would certainly make the investment worthwhile.

Watch our video to see Adam’s full review of the Phonak Roger On, or, if you would like to experience the Roger On for yourself, then why not book our AltoDiscover hearing assessment, where we would be delighted to demonstrate this technology to you.

Phonak Roger On | Alto's Adam Bostock Reviews

Article by Adam Bostock

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